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John and I have always loved well built furniture. John grew up in an Amish community, so he experienced firsthand the quality & craftsmanship that goes into making each piece of Amish Furniture. In 2010 we made the decision to get into the furniture business, and we knew that if we wanted to provide the highest quality to our customers, Amish Furniture was the best option. We absolutely love the quality of all of the Amish-built furniture, but it also created a connection to John’s past & to his family, who are all still practicing Amish. We have built strong and longstanding relationships with each and every builder we work with, and we enjoy the connection we share with them as we process your orders. We love every step of this business, from ordering, to building, to finishing & then to delivery. 

Hershberger Furniture started as an online-only Amish Furniture store. Our online store was so successful, that we made the decision to branch off into a retail store, which is located in Fruita, CO.  At Hersheberger Furniture we sell only the highest quality, American Made Amish Furniture. All of our furniture is built by real Amish Craftsmen out of Indiana and Ohio.

We deal with over a 120 different Amish Furniture Builders, so we are certain that we can find whatever you are looking for. We take pride in knowing that the furniture we sell is supporting small businesses like ours, right here in America. 

As our customer you have the benefit of knowing that you’re buying only the finest, American made, hand-crafted furniture that is constructed using techniques that have been passed down from Amish families for generations.  With Amish Furniture, you can take pride in each item you buy from us, because it is not only exquisitely beautiful but also built with pride and dedication that can be enjoyed for years to come.  With our full line of customizations, we can turn most any item we carry into exactly what you’re looking for.

We look forward making your buying experience a smooth and joyful experience.

John & Tammy Hershberger

We’re Amish

138 S Park Square #102 – Fruita, CO 81521


Featured Items


A Cozy Glow Corner Electric Fireplace

rifle cabinet

Shaker Rifle Cabinet


Signature Mission Foosball Table


Deluxe Sewing Machine Cabinet


Made In America

Every item available at Hershberger Furniture is made right here in America. We stand behind our products, and the quality our Amish Craftsmen provide. From our bedroom furniture to our fireplaces, every single item is crafted right here in the United States.

All of our Amish Furniture at Hershberger Furniture is created by Real Amish Craftsmen from Indiana and Ohio. Our owner, John Hershberger, grew up in an Amish Community, and can testify firsthand the absolute quality that our Craftsmen put into every piece of furniture.

When you purchase your furniture from Hershberger Furniture, you are directly supporting American Craftsmen and American Business. We are proud to display that our items are all Made In America.


Don’t Forget About Our Flat Rate Shipping

At Hershberger Furniture, we believe that the simple answer is usually the best answer. We didn’t want you to have to use things like electricity, to calculate your cost of shipping. That is why we offer flat rate shipping, on all of our orders. To put it simply, if you want the items delivered curbside, the flat rate is $150. However, if you would like us to deliver it “In Home”, the flat rate is simply $250.

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